Personal Use


Trypraying is about getting into conversations. Start with your own conversation with God!  Ask him to give you opportunities to be in conversation with people. Then see what happens… It always helps to be a good listener. So ask quetions and learn to listen.


Here are a few ideas:

  • When talking about a concern: job, health, family, etc. you could ask: “Have you ever tried praying about this?”
  • “We’ve got a thing going on at church. We’re all using a booklet called trypraying. I think you would be interested to see it. Let me show you.”
  • “Have you ever prayed?”
  • Or a gentle challenge: “Why don’t you try praying for a week and see what happens.”

In what follows there will be opportunity to share something of your own experience. At some point in the conversation you can offer the booklet and encourage them with a few words, ‘I’ve found this really helpful.  I think you would like it.’ It’s often helpful to introduce it by saying, “This is for people who are not religious and who don’t do church!” making people either curious or relieved! There are many people for whom this is an easy and appreciated gift. A minister wrote about the booklet, “It’s a brilliantly simple, totally accessible and non-cringey booklet that any of us would benefit from personally but which has actually been written for people who aren’t religious.


When you next meet you should ask how did it go? What interested you? Ask whether they feel their view of God has changed in any way. Did you manage to pray? Refer to stories in the trypraying booklet or the section on questions. You could ask, ‘Did you pray the prayer on Day 5?’.  This is where a person can respond to God’s love and forgiveness.  Talk about what it means to be forgiven. Share your experience of understanding God’s love. You could ask , ‘Did you pray the prayer on Day 6?’   Talk about Jesus promise to come in to our lives when we ask him. Share your own experience of Christ coming to you. Encourage them with his faithfulness to give new life to all who sincerely ask. Perhaps they have already invited Christ to be part of their life.  If so encourage them in the adventure. If not you can ask what it is that is holding them back and see if you can help with that and/or pray with them about it.


The trypraying booklet has been used in a wide variety of situations. Here are a few examples: Nightclub Outreach A manager of one of the clubs there asked him if he wanted to come in to pray with clubbers – now there is such competition in clubs in Dundee the other managers have asked him to do the same in their clubs as it was really popular, he now even has his own quiet room. He is using the trypraying booklet with them and its going down a storm – he’s run out of booklets. He wanted to know how to get more so I directed him to the There Is Hope site. Army Chaplain An Army chaplain was introduced to the trypraying booklet and was extremely enthusiastic about it saying this is what they need. He arranged for 500 copies to go out with the battalion that was leaving for a tour of duty. Football Chaplain Our vicar is chaplain to the local football team and is hoping to give all the players and staff a copy for Christmas. Thank you for providing such an excellent resource. Neighbourhood Outreach I am involved with a small group of ladies from the estate in which I live. They all suffer from depression and other problems. I really wanted to reach out to them with the gospel of Jesus, but could never find the right words or courage. The trypraying booklet has been such a help. I have found it so easy to give them out to each of the ladies and explain the gospel. I have even had the privilege of praying with some of them, and rejoicing with them when they have had prayers answered. So far I have given out over 20 books and am encouraging all my Christian friends to get them as well. This is one of the best evangelistic tools I have come across so thank you again so much. E; Pontypridd Cafe I was having a chat in Starbucks with my friend about the best way to share your faith. To demonstrate, I turned to the girl at the next table and gave her a trypraying booklet. My friend said the guy at the next table would feel left out. So he got one too. The guy said, “This is amazing. I was trying not to listen to your conversation but a friend and I were talking about this just last week saying we need to rekindle our search.” I sat and talked with him for some time with amazing openness. He’ll give the booklet a go and perhaps meet up soon. David, Edinburgh. Public prayer space volunteer “We feel confident that it’s in an accessible, attractive format that will work for people at some point in their lives… there’s nothing cringey about it. The prompts to pray throughout the day (holding a stone, opening doors etc) could be really useful for those who already pray in giving them fresh ideas about prayer.” Angie, Sidmouth