Town & City Use

A project for churches to do together. Trypraying can bring churches together and, at the same time, make an impact on a whole town or city. It can demonstrate unity in the gospel.  Many churches working together also opens up more possibilities of putting things into the public space with advertising. Getting it started can be a challenge though. It will require coordination, communication and prayer. To state the obvious, it is always a good thing to do the praying first.  Ask God if this is what he wants. Then take action. Many places have local gatherings and networks of church leaders.  The idea can be shared there.  An email sent to everyone with a link to the trypraying video (trypraying – the idea) may be a good place to start. Getting it on to the agenda in a local network meeting would come next. It may be a good thing to see people individually by suggesting you meet for coffee to talk about it. Plan for a two week period (allowing flexibility!) for churches to all do the project at the same time. It doesn’t take long for this to get started in a church.  It is such a simple thing it will not need a long lead time. There is an amazing sense of excitement that is palpable when the same logo appears on banners on many different churches and people begin to hear about Jesus Christ in a relevant and accessible way.  There is a hunger for spiritual reality and it is always OK to have conversations about our faith. This makes it an easy start to have conversations about faith.

“Trypraying is a simple, proven and effective way to help people encounter God. It is non-threatening, easy to use and yet profound. To see a city full of posters simply suggesting people ‘try praying’ has been so inspiring – but to hear the stories of lives changed is amazing!”   

Rev Dave Richards, Rector at Ps and Gs Church, Edinburgh.

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