Giving everyone a copy to give to a friend is the best idea. Here are some extra ideas:

  • Put a Perspex box outside your church, preferably next to a banner with trypraying booklets in, and a notice inviting people to help themselves to a copy.
  • Place trypraying booklets in church welcome packs.
  • Give out at an Alpha course or Christianity Explored course.
  • Invite people to a ‘We-Tried-Praying Service’ or house group meeting with stories of answered, prayer and an explanation of how to know God.
  • Deliver ‘What Would You Say’ leaflets to every home in the community.
  • Give out prayer request cards to every home in your community for people to fill in and return. These could be enclosed in the What Would Your Say leaflet.
  • Have a ‘clinic’ for one hour a week, or each day, when people can come for prayer. You could use a banner saying ‘trypraying here’ or ‘trypraying this Sunday.’
  • Take it to the streets or into a shopping centre with a table, a banner, publicity, booklets etc.
  • Have a team out at community events or on the streets offering to pray with people and sharing the good news.
  • Develop a youth dimension. Take it into schools, youth groups, youth events, etc.
  • Place a large green circle (the ‘trypraying’ logo) on the floor in a ‘novel’ place with the invitation for people to ‘trypraying’ here.
  • Have a ‘What-about-unanswered-prayer’ meeting. Handle the issue with sensitivity, love and faith.
  • Give the booklet, with a covering letter, to every home in a street as a gift – no strings attached.
  • Make the ‘trypraying’ booklet available at special services, events or courses in church. Make it a gift to those who come.

More! It only takes a short discussion to come up with some other good ideas!

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